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But around 1 am, mid-day spotted the first bunch of GRP personnel walking past the women.

Instead of questioning them, some went past smiling at the women, while a few stopped to chat with them. And right under it is a beat chowkie of Santacruz police station.

It made newspaper copy, but ask a single mother, and she'll tell you niggles like these are a regular part of her life.

Two months ago, just days before the final round of admissions to kindergarten and Grade 1 under the Right to Education quota, panicking single mothers flocked to BMC help centres.

Their applications had been rejected because the fathers' income certificates were missing.

Perhaps there's something about his dark grey eyes, because world over, ever since his Facebook debut earlier this month, Grey has sent over 5 million messages and is fast approaching 1,00,000 users.

While most of his fans are from America and Phillipines, Josh Bocanegra, who founded Persona Technologies in 2016 with Christina Milian, says that India accounts for four per cent of users. I've seen a peanut stand, heard a rubber band, saw a needle that could wink its eye!